The SML Fireworks & Fundraiser!
The SML Fireworks & Fundraiser!

Since 1991, Parkway Marina has been the site of one of the lake's most anticipated events: A Spectacular Independence Day Fireworks Display!

This event was once sponsored and staffed entirely by Parkway Marina in appreciation of customers, friends and neighbors. As the event grew in popularity however, Parkway found that it needed additional personnel to plan and staff the event. After discussions with numerous organizations, the members of the Saunders Volunteer Fire Company came to the rescue!

Since 2001, the SVFC Independence Day Fundraiser with its amazing fireworks display has been planned and staffed primarily by the Saunders Volunteer Fire Company. Following the fireworks' finale, there is a short moment of silence followed by a brief salute of additional fireworks in memory of the founder of the event, and for those who protect our freedom and our community.

For the hard work their members put into this community event, all funds generated by this event go entirely to the fire company and other community non-profits that participate. Without their hard work, this event would not be possible.

We hope you enjoy the fireworks and have a great time participating at the events located on The Point of Parkway Marina. Come Join Us on The Point!

Donate Online

You can make a secure donation online with a credit card or paypal account by clicking on this link:

Donate In Person

Members of the Saunders Volunteer Fire Company are on-hand staffing the event. They will be happy to take your donation by cash or check and provide you with a receipt, a handshake and a sincere "thank you!".

Donate By Mail

To make a donation by mail, simply send a check in the amount of your donation to this address:
Treasurer, SVFC
P.O. Box 14
Huddleston, VA 24104

Sponsor The Event

Tens of thousands observe this event by land and water, which offers you a tremendous opportunity to gain exposure for your company or organization. For more information call (540) 297-4412, or email The SVFC.

Your donations are tax deductible.